Reasons to End Daylight Savings Time

19 Nov

Daylight Savings Time (DST) is something that is fast getting less reasonable. The main purpose of DST is to make the most of summer time light. In fact, we change our clocks during the summer time to eke at least more time to get light. DST makes a lot of sense to people who are living farther from the equator. Elsewhere, especially those who live near the equator, DST is not something they can get great benefit from. The DST idea is supposedly hinged on the fact that a nation can save a lot of energy with the savings in the sunlight. But, is it really a way to save some energy during the summer? It seems there are plenty of reasons to stop daylight savings time forever.  Here are some reasons why it makes more sense to end DST now.

First and foremost, DST was introduced in Germany during World War I in order to save on electricity costs. The US adopted the DST practice in 1918. The idea is that people will have natural sunlight when they are awake and will not use much electricity. The idea of saving electricity makes a lot of sense some 100 years ago. This idea, however, doesn't make much sense today. People are still awake even without the sun. So, the sunlight is no longer a thing that makes people to stay awake. Even with the sun, people still use vast amounts of electricity anyway. Read the petition to End Daylight Saving Time or visit for more details.

Back then, the idea of the DST meant to bring down power consumption. Based on new data, the state of Indiana which adopted the DST back in 2006, it revealed there is a percent increase in consumer electricity use during the implementation of the DST. So, the whole idea that DST can save on electricity is actually not true.

Since DST is not being observed globally, it can cause some confusion. There are some US territories that don't observe DST. This is aside from many countries in the world that don't observe DST. It can be confusing on how to determine the time in certain area.

In some areas, with the sun is not always shining, there is a possibility of Seasonal Affective Disorder because of serotonin deficiency. This in turn can lead to seasonal depression, which is never a good thing.

So there you have it, some of the reasons why it is time to get rid of DST. Read more on this here:

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