Daylight Savings Petitions

19 Nov

Daylight saving time was a practice that has been there for many decades now and there has been a petition filed by a number of individuals as well as organizations that are lobbying for the abolishment of this practice. At the time it was intended to cut on the use of candles but in the present day the daylight saving time doesn't seem to be applicable and that's the reason for the petition to abolish it. This was done by artificial methods that could extend the daytime to evening during the summer times so there was no need to use the candles so as to light the homes.

The use of electricity has come in handy to light our homes and it is very energy efficient so the daylight savings petition has a clear objective as to why they would like the practice to come to an end. The practice of daylight saving time has been associated to some medical complications such as increased heart attacks so it's only good to support the petition to bring to an end this practice and many lives are likely to be saved.

The presence of light usually stimulate the production of sleep-inducing substance which is less during the day but when darkness sets in this substance begin its process, therefore, tampering this with the daylight savings time practice for a few months is likely to take a toll on your body and you are likely to be less productive due to exhaustion. Confusion is likely to occur due to the practice of the daylight savings time since our natural body clock is usually triggered by the light and adjusting this will come up with some serious troubles another reason to support the petition to bring this practice to an end once and for all. Learn more on how to End Daylight Saving Time or read the petition to stop daylight savings time.

Just like anytime you don't get to sleep and your overall performance the next day will be greatly affected and the concentration will be low since your body is communicating to you that you need to rest so as to increase your concentration and the performance so its everyone's responsibility to ensure that this petition will be successful so as to have a productive nation.

For some people, it will take less time to adjust from changing your sleeping schedule while for others it will take a longer time and the extensive research on this has shown a worrying trend and its therefore advisable to ensure that our bodies get some rest and bring an end to the irrelevant practice of daytime savings time. Continue reading more on this here:

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